Lets Dough

Let’s Dough was created through a personal passion to ensure our own small human (the small smiley chap below - Matteo), learns all about nature through access to calming and imaginative play. Instead of arming him with a toy, bound by preset limitations, I started making naturally-made playdough, scented with essential oils. It created a free, relaxing and mindful approach to play.

My educational history and experience in primary, pre-primary and kindergarten education, art & crafts, paediatric support work and several years of working with children with special needs, has made me understand the importance of learning through sensory play. Through direct life-experience I have seen how this does all it says and more. The imagination is the most powerful tool we have.

Becoming a full time Mumma, during my life journey, has really inspired me to do my part for the next generation. Our son, Matteo, cemented my ideal to create a 'toy' that offers a relaxing connection to nature whilst the educational aspect and fun factor doesn’t have to make room for sustainability!

I hope you love it as much as we do.

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6 products